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Pebble Witch is an rpg-ish, walking simulator-y, talking game. 

Play as a witch. Talk to pebbles. Reflect on the melancholy of becoming. Sit more. Walk. More walking. Have a crush on your burly teacher. Enjoy a lovely day in the Australian beach town, Dharawal country - Kiama.

Features• One (1) gay protagonist

• Two (2) whole spells
• About 30 minutes of playtime
    • 20 mins of this is probably spent walking
    • 2 mins sitting still and waiting
    • 8 mins reading about his teacher’s gardening shorts.
• A whole bunch of rocks to sit and listen to.
• A really beautiful soundtrack by Software of Seagulls

Patch notes:

macOS v1.0.4 - fixed an invisible text issue (thanks Flora!)

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Dec 02, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
AuthorFuzzy Ghost
GenreRole Playing
Made withBlender, Adobe After Effects, Unity, Adobe Illustrator
Tagsartgame, Cute, Fantasy, Gay, Ghosts, LGBT, Low-poly, Narrative, Queer, Relaxing
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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This was such a wholesome game ^^ 


So cute and a lovely soundtrack too

Is the soundtrack available anywhere?

It’s so great, right?! Software of Seagulls. thanks for playing!

Very cute game! :D


This was a lovely game to wind down with before heading to bed! It was very beautiful and calming, and actually made me feel better about not having everything in my life under control. Life's a bit of a chaotic whirlwind right now, and it was nice to have some validation that it's okay to just... be. Thank you so much for sharing this!

I'm so glad! <3


Such a cute game!! I love the character design and the story line and the underlining message of listening <3


I’m showing this game to my partner rn and she’s like ‘who made this game?! They’re a genius!!’


Oh, she can stay <3 <3


Hello! This was an awesome game. All the different rock dialogues had distinct personalities. I also love how clever the geology theme was. The only thing that felt like it was missing was the ability to sprint, but it wasn't a huge issue. I uploaded a playthrough on my YouTube channel :)


This was really calming and charming, love the characters's design and the dialogues! Thank you :) 


Thank YOU! <3 <3 <3


Oh god this game succeeded in making me emotional about rocks,  it's super interesting though, to talk through the meaning of existence and seeing it in rocks. To have this thing that is just there and always part of your world and around you, and remembering that is had a past and just like you, it had no control over what it is now, and yet that isn't a bad thing. It's like a much healthier version of the bullshit 'everything happens for a reason' rhetoric, because no, there is no reason, you exist and you are here and what does that mean to you? This is cute, fun, calming, introspective and queer and i am here for it.


Oh damn, this response is why we made this game. THANK YOU. This makes me so happy. <3 


I had a lovely time playing this game before bed. I love the way it makes you slow down and get into a good headspace to listen, to what the rocks are saying and also to yourself. I guess that's what pausing to breathe is for! The soundtrack is really beautiful, the art is lovely, and the light and shadows are very pretty. A tear was nearly brought to my eye. This is a complete game that feels satisfying, but I wish I could play another game like this, or come back tomorrow and listen to more rocks' stories. Thank you for making this so thoughtfully!


Thank you for such a thoughtful review! <3 <3 <3!!


I really enjoyed playing through this game a lot. The characters are really lovely, the mythos seems fleshed out, and the actual mechanics are simple and satisfying. I really like how the game sort of forces you to be still.

Would love more of this!


this was such a charming experience. i felt i got to know each one rock. the characters, art and music, all blended in a peaceful manner. thank for creating this! 


Such a beautiful and calming experience. Thank you!